Alan Wake Remastered: See here the improvements made in the title

After the first initial trailer of Alan Wake Remastered, revealed during PlayStation Showcase, it’s time for Xbox to also tease the upcoming title. The official Xbox Channel in YouTube has revealed a new video that compares the new upcoming Remaster with the original game. For that unaware, Alan Wake was launched for the Xbox 360 as an exclusive title. A couple of years ago, Remedy ceased its partnership with Microsoft and regained the rights for the title. Now, for the first time, it’s coming as a multi-platform game and Epic Games is the publisher.

As the own title suggests, the game isn’t a remake, but a remaster. However, there are substantial upgrades that cannot be seen in most modern remasters. The new game has upgraded character models. Moreover, the image received a 4K treatment with more crispness. The visual effects are also enhanced with better light effects and new facial expressions.


Besides the original title, Alan Wake Remastered also includes the two DLCs The Signal and The Writer. The game will reach stores in October 5 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. According to recent reports, the game is also coming for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Alan Wake Remastered

The games bring a physiologic horror atmosphere with a well-crafted book-styled story-telling. You control Alan Wake, a popular writer, that sees himself stuck in a Nightmare involving dark creatures.

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