Valorant: YouTube streamer goes from iron to diamond in a single stream

Valorant is a trending game, especially on YouTube and Twitch. Streamers have shifted from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Valorant. What makes Valorant special is the blend of CS: GO and Overwatch elements. You get a competitive first-person shooter experience while learning how to use the different abilities of your agents. In the competitive mode, there are a total of  8 ranks – Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. It is not a piece of cake to achieve high ranks especially going to Diamond is a big task. A YouTuber, however, took the challenge to reach the Diamond rank from Iron in a single stream.

Valorant Rakazone gaming iron to diamond

RakaZone Gaming is an Indian YouTuber who mostly plays first-person shooter games. He decided to take on the challenge to reach from Iron to Diamond in a single stream. Mind you, reaching Diamond from Iron is very difficult. However, with sheer dedication, Raka was able to achieve the diamond rank. The stream lasted more than 100 hours. You must be wondering, 100 hours? When did he sleep or eat?
Valorant Rakazone gaming iron to diamond
Well, the YouTuber did everything while streaming. He took short naps around these 100 hours on stream. He also ate while streaming. To make the stream engaging, moderators were constantly talking to the audience. He was also accompanied by some other YouTubers while on stream to help him reach the diamond rank. Once he reached Diamond, he celebrating by thanking everyone and ate cake.
For those unaware, Valorant is a 5v5 shooter game. There are 2 teams – Defenders and Attackers. Defenders are to protect the sites from planting while the latter have to plant before the timer runs out. There are different agents each with their own ability. It is a trending game worldwide and it is also announced for the mobile platform.
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