Idle Shop Manager lets you build your own boutiques, available now in early access

Simulation games are one of the best ways to experience something you can’t in real life. We all have different dreams however sometimes life takes its own direction. But thanks to advancements in the gaming industry, you can experience things easily. That being said, Idle Shop Manager is a new game in town. It is a business simulation game making you run a business. The developer behind the new title is Bling Bling Games. For now, the game is in the early access phase for Android. Soon we will also the global launch of the game.

One of the most fun parts of idle games is that you don’t have to sit all day long to progress in the game. You will progress in the game even when you are not playing Idle Shop Manager. The game sees you as an owner of boutiques. Your role is to manage and expand them. For that, you will need to do plenty of work. For example,  product research is essential for improving your products to satisfy your customers. There is more than 200 stock to unlock, so you won’t get bored easily. If you like managing business, then this game is surely for you.

 Early access version is now available

The developers also have some good experience in this specific niche. They have launched a couple of similar titles including Idle Tycoon: Space Company and Idle Trading Empire. Hopefully, this one will be a great title too. If you like the idea behind the game, then you may register for it on Google Play and  App Store. The game is still in the early access phase so bugs and glitches are expected. However, with the global launch, the game should be stable. Let us know what are your opinions on idle games in the comments below.

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