PUBG Mobile has banned around 13 million cheaters in 3 months

From July to September 2021, PUBG Mobile has banned more than 13 million accounts for cheating, so-called “cheaters”. Since the beginning of the year, more than 50 million accounts have been banned. To further encourage the hunt for cheaters (wrongly called hackers), PUBG Mobile is giving 10,000 UC to anyone who finds a new way to cheat or report when they encounter hackers in the battle royale.

Until November 5th, players will be able to submit cheaters’ reports. The game’s producer will even watch replays of the matches. Nicknamed BAN PAN, you can find out more about the system through an official FAQ here.

  • Each proven unpublished cheat yields 10,000 UC;
  • Top 5 players (if applicable) will receive an additional 6,000 UC or permanent epic sets;
  • Each week, the results of the published reports will be checked, 3 players will be drawn to receive 10 Classic Crate coupons;
  • The weekly winners will be announced on the official social networks of PUBG MOBILE.

Ban Pan

Below, you can check the types of cheats and the ban percentage:

  • Character model modification (30%)
  • Auto Aim Hacks (17%)
  • X-ray vision hacks (16%)
  • Speed Hacks (15%)
  • Other reasons (15%)
  • Area damage modification (9%)

In addition to the hacking initiative, which has a very funny name – BAN PAN – PUBG Mobile has also implemented a Competitive Ban. Extra checks will be made to identify cheaters during official game competitions.

With around 70 million active players. PUBG Mobile remains a success. The game was released in 2018 and is still one of the most played mobile Battle Royale in the world.


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