PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg brings Jesko & Gemera to the battlefield

PUBG Mobile never fails to disappoint fans with new collaborations. We have seen multiple huge collaborations with McLaren, Tesla, Yamaha, and more. Now, KRAFTON has announced another big collaboration that will surely attract car enthusiasts. PUBG Mobile is pairing up with car manufacturer Koenigsegg to introduce their supercars on the battlefield. It is no less than a feast for supercar lovers. We have seen great feedback on Tesla collaboration, and we hope to see fans enjoying Koenigsegg supercars too. Below is everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg.

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg brings Jesko & Gemera to the battlefield

For those unaware, Koenigsegg started back in 1944. The man behind this company is Christian von Koenigsegg, who thought of manufacturing the perfect supercar. And finally, now this company stands as one of the best supercars manufacturers. A few of their popular models include Agera R, Jesko, Regera, and more. One of the key reasons for their success is that they design their own engines. They have broken several speed and performance records. It will be fun to drive these high-speed cars on the PUBG’s battlefield.

Vincent Wag, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing shares his thoughts on this collaboration:

Koenigsegg is a brand that brings an incredible amount of innovation to an already fast-moving industry. As innovators in our field, we are constantly seeking to provide new and improved experiences for our players, through partnerships, gameplay updates and more. In partnering with the artisans of Koenigsegg, we are bringing the unique craftsmanship and boundary pushing speed of their supercars to the PUBG MOBILE battlefield, giving players a new and exhilarating way to experience th

e game.”

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg is now live

PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg brings Jesko & Gemera to the battlefield

The collaboration brings their famous Jesko. It features a 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 1600 hp. Furthermore, Gemera is also included in the collaboration. It is the world’s first Mega GT. Do note that, the collaboration will run till 30th November. Hence, make sure to participate in the challenges to get rewards. What are your thoughts on PUBG Mobile x Koenigsegg? Besides this collaboration, we are also expecting more from the PUBG-M universe soon. We will keep you in the loop for the latest updates.


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