Seven Knights 2 will be launched globally on November 10

Seven Knights 2, Netmarble’s cinematic RPG will be released for Android and iOS on November 10th at 23:00 GMT. Just like other games, the download may become available ahead of the servers. We may see the servers going online a few hours after the launch. Of course, time will tell.

With very intriguing storage and enjoyable gameplay, Seven Knights 2 allows you to control several heroes in beautiful battles. The game allows you to control all the actions or turn on “automatic” to just enjoy the fights.

Seven Knights 2 follows the primer of what you usually see in an online RPG. However, the production quality is impressive and this is for sure a game that will captivate many fans who enjoy the genre. The game is planned for Android and iOS.

Seven Knights 2

The game promises stunning graphics with epic boss battles. Of course, we need to wait and see if the game will be more than the same. Only time will tell if it will be able to stand in this market flooded with RPGs. If the previous trend was for battle royales, this year we have been seeing a wave of new RPGs and MMORPGs. With so many games in the market, the one that offers enjoyable elements, and innovative elements will attract more players.

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