Here is why you shouldn’t skip GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Editon is just around the corner. With the release being set for next month, players are hyped up to relive their childhood once again. The Trilogy consists of three titles: GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. Out of these three, the GTA 3 is often overlooked. GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are much more popular than GTA 3. One of the core reasons is the bad controls of GTA 3. But it will be fixed with many more improvements. Hence, if you were thinking to skip GTA 3 Definitive Edition, you might not want to after reading this article.

Here is why you shouldn't skip GTA 3 Definitive Edition

1. Controls are now fixed

One of the best features that the definitive editions will bring is the GTA V-inspired controls. It will make it so easy to play. If you have already played GTA V, then playing these 3 titles shouldn’t be an issue. And especially the clunky controls of GTA 3 are gone.

2. Better graphics means a better Liberty City

GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto 3 is set in Liberty City. In the original version, there was a blue filter which is now fixed. The game looks much realistic thanks to the new graphics. The original game could go up to  1280×960 which is not a great resolution to enjoy games. But the definitive edition will be supporting a higher resolution.

3. A great start to the series

Even though, all the three games aren’t related. But if you play GTA 3 first, you will get a grip. The game focuses more on driving together with a few missions. Hence, GTA 3 Definitive Edition could be used as a tutorial before you dive into the other titles. The story is simple yet it is enjoyable.

Let us know which title you will be playing first. All three games will be released next month on all major platforms.

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