PUBG: New State quick review: disappointing!

After months of waiting, PUBG: New State has finally arrived for everyone. It is available to download for both Android and iOS users. The game plays the role of a sequel to the original PUBG Mobile. New State is set in the future, the maps and transportation are all futuristic. However, the game keeps the core element of the original PUBG with an action-packed battle royale experience. I was really excited to play PUBG: New State. However, after playing a few matches, I realized it is an unfinished game. it still requires a lot of polishing.

PUBG: New State quick review

Errors, lag, and more

For starters, it didn’t let me play the game and showed “You have been disconnected from the game due to detected abnormal behaviors.” After some searching, I found a workaround for this issue. You simply just need to disable developers options from the settings. This issue was so irritating, that I almost uninstalled the game without playing it. I have played plenty of newly launched games, but getting errors just on opening the game is just absurd.

PUBG: New State quick review

Now moving to the actual gameplay, there are plenty of maps. It also features different modes including FPS and TPS options. The main map of the game is  Troi. It is 8×8 making it a decent-sized map. One of the disturbing things about Troi is that you cannot find cars easily. In my first match, we almost died as we couldn’t find a vehicle in the blue zone.

But that’s not it. The major disappointment behind New State is the lack of polishing. It lags badly and feels unoptimized. Even though, my smartphone supports high settings but playing the game wasn’t fun for me. However, it is still a fresh concept that I believe could have been implemented better.

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