GTA Trilogy players disappointed, asks for refunds

GTA Trilogy is a trending title in the gaming world. Players were excited to relive the early 2000’s with the three classic Grand Theft Auto titles. However, the games were unable to reach the expectations. A small portion of people is fine with the title, while many people are asking Rockstar to refund their money. I haven’t played the game myself, so I won’t judge the game. However, according to the tweets of players who purchased the game, it is not quite what we expected.

First thing, the remastered version was expensive. For a game that is remastered and not a remake, a $60 price tag is hefty. People expected more of a Mafia Definitive type of game but ended up getting just some graphics and controls tweaks. Players even compared the original to the remastered and found out that the original was better in a few scenarios.

GTA Trilogy Original VS Remaster

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition surely is getting a lot of hate. People are asking Rockstar for a refund. Below are some of the Tweets from disappointed Trilogy players.

How to get a refund for GTA Trilogy?

Rockstar hasn’t announced a refund for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition yet. And it seems unlikely they will. However, it is worth trying out the process below. A Twitter user asking for a refund was answered by Rockstar Games. It suggests that there is a small chance you can get a refund (unlikely). For PC users, head over to the Rockstar Support page, (make sure you are logged in) and simply fill the form with your order number.

For Xbox players,  there is a  ‘request a refund’ option on the Subscription and Billing page in Microsoft account. If you are eligible for a refund, then you can proceed further. Finally, for the Playstation players, go to the PS Store Refund page and select GTA Trilogy.

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