Wild Honesty lets you test your relationship in a fun Q&A game

During the COVID-19 pandemic, relationships have drastically suffered. Maybe your partner is stuck in the other part of the world, and you haven’t met in months. Or just living together too much has brought new questions to your relationship. Well, in this scenario, a brand new game is coming to help you deepen relationships. How can a game affect your relationship? Well, Wild Honesty is a party game that you can play in person. Basically, it is a simple Q&A game that helps you form stronger ties with your partner or loved ones.

Wild Honesty is a great choice for couples, especially in this pandemic. We can get to know more about the other person, especially if they are away then it’s essential to catch up to their latest changes. The game can be played with up to 5 players at a time. So it is not just about couples but a family can enjoy it too. There will be interesting questions for each player. You can set the level of questions according to the relationship with that person. It lets you connect with the other person while enjoying the game.

Wild Honesty lets you test your relationship in a fun Q&A game

Over 800 questions!

Wild Honesty lets you test your relationship in a fun Q&A game

To spice up the experience, you will be treated with guessing game questions as well. One thing which might be of concern with Q&A games is repetitiveness. To tackle this, the developers came up with over 800 questions. Of course, this would not have been possible without the help of Kalina Silverman, communications expert of Big Talk. If you like the idea behind the game, then make sure to stay tuned as the game is launching on December 9th. It can be played in-person or on Apple Facetime. Do note, that it is already available on Steam as a premium title.

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