Apple users can now play Pokémon Go at 120Hz refresh rate

Smartphones are now much more powerful. And thanks to that, smartphones are now capable of supporting high refresh rates. Android smartphones got this feature a bit early compared to Apple devices. We have seen $200 cheap Android smartphones with a 120Hz refresh rate. I purchased the POCO X3 NFC with 120Hz refresh rate that came out in 2020. The main purpose of buying this device was to experience the high refresh rate on a smartphone. Well, in short, it provides a buttery smooth feel to the device compared to a 60Hz refresh rate. You can check out my article regarding POCO X3 NFC that I published on GizChina. Coming back to the topic, there weren’t a lot of games supporting a high refresh rate last year. Now, a lot more games support this feature, and the new one to enter the 120Hz refresh rate family is Pokémon Go. Apple users can now play Pokémon Go at 120Hz refresh rate

For now, Pokémon Go can be played at a 120Hz refresh rate only on Apple iPhone. And if you are familiar with tech, then you must be aware that only two iPhones support the 120Hz ProMotion Display. They are the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. So if you have any of these two high-end phones, then congratulations! You can now play Pokemon Go at high-refresh-rate. Throwing Pokeballs at 120Hz will be much smoother. Of course, if you try this option on other iPhones, then you will not benefit from it.

If you own the new Pro model iPhone, then you can update the game to enjoy this feature. You can also turn on this feature manually by going to in-game advanced settings and turning on “Native refresh rate unlocked”. I hope that Apple presents us with a 120Hz refresh rate on all the iPhone 14 models.

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