PUBG: New State’s update brings a lot of new content

PUBG: New State was recently released and the first major update is already here. The reason behind PUBG Mobile’s success was consistent content updates. And now KRAFTON wants to stay on the same recipe for their new game. PUBG: New State’s new update brings a ton of content including new weapons, vehicles, gun customizations, and more. Of course, there is also a new Survivor Pass for keeping the game fresh. If you haven’t played this game yet, let me give you a quick introduction. PUBG: New State is basically the original PUBG Mobile with a futuristic theme It means you will find weapons, vehicles from the future.

PUBG: New State's update brings a lot of new content

First of all, let’s talk about the Survivor Pass Volume 2. This pass is inspired by the Dream Runners Faction’s Bella. By completing the missions of this pass, you will get the Bella costumes. Of course, you also have the option to speed things up by buying the premium tier. Jumping to the next changes, we have brand new vehicles. There is not one but two new transportation means on the battlefield. The first one is the electric mini-van called the Electron. It is spacious and allows you to carry 6 people. Secondly, we also have a car for the duo. The Mesta is a two-seater sports car that can travel at fast speeds.

New weapon, and merit point system

PUBG: New State's update brings a lot of new content

What is a battle royale without a variety of guns? PUBG: New State’s new update also brings the L85A3 assault rifle. Powered by the 5.56mm bullets, the rifle has a low recoil rate but a poor fire rate. Although, it is capable of giving some high damage to enemies. There is also new weapon customizations. Now you can add a long barrel to your M416 and a 5.56mm barrel for the SLR. Lastly, there is also a merit point system for a fair-play.

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