Summoners Kingdom is now in early access for Android

We can say that this is the era of RPGs for smartphones! There are countless games on mobile stores focusing on this genre. Lovers of this category will always be served with new titles. Now it’s time for the magical game Summoners Kingdom to join this evergrowing portfolio. The game is available in early access on Android for some select regions.

For starters, Summoners Kingdom is a battle game that focuses on heroes and strategy. The game’s development and publication come from Cloud Joy. The game sees you building a kingdom and also decorating it. You’ll need to create forests, wood shops, parks, and more. Besides expanding your kingdom, you will also be responsible for fixing any destroyed buildings.

In Summoners Kingdom, you will need to team up with others to explore the kingdom and fight against evil monsters. You even get the option to team up with your friends and work together.

The game features over 200 story levels. You can customize your heroes and unlock new characters. As you progress, you’ll need to gather resources and complete daily quests to regain the power boosts for your heroes and unravel the untold story of the kingdom.

The Summoners Kingdom is available in early access on Android in the Philippines, Canada, and Australia. The game is free to play and brings the usual in-app purchases system.


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