PUBG: New State brings Rimac Nevera to the battleground

PUBG: New State was recently released after a long period of pre-registration phase. The latest battle royale by KRAFTON has a futuristic theme. And that’s how it differs from the original PUBG Mobile. You will find hi-tech weapons, futuristic maps, and fast electric cars. One of the key components behind PUBG Mobile’s success is the latest content they offer frequently. There are collaborations and partnerships happening every now and then in PUBG Mobile’s universe. And hence, KRAFTON wants to adopt the same strategy with their new game. PUBG New State has partnered with Bugatti Rimac to bring Rimac Nevera to the battleground.

PUBG: New State welcomes Rimac Nevera

PUBG: New State brings Rimac Nevera to the battleground

The Rimac Nevera is an electric hypercar with 1,914 horsepower and 258 miles per hour top-speed. However, to get the hypercar, you have to try your luck with the time-limited Rimac Crate. The car looks breathtaking and is available in different color options including Nevera Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red and Luminous Gold. Ela Buljat, Senior Marketing Specialist at the Bugatti Rimac company shares their thought on their partnership with PUBG: New State:

We are excited to collaborate with one of the world’s most popular gaming companies. When they initially told us about their futuristic in-game concept, it was a no-brainer; Rimac Nevera perfectly fits that kind of digital environment. We look forward to reading reviews from their community and organizing online and offline activities in the upcoming months. It feels like a successful long-term partnership with great results for both sides,”

If you are excited to drive the new hypercar, then get ready as the update will arrive sometime this month. PUBG New Mobile is available on iOS App Store and the Google Play Store  Let us know what do you think of this new collaboration in the comments below.


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