Where’s Samantha? is now available for Android and iOS

Last month, we wrote about an upcoming physics-based game called “Where’s Samantha? ” Previously, it entered the pre-registration phase and now it is finally available to download and play. The game was first released on other platforms including Steam and Nintendo Switch. And now, the game is available to play on iOS and Android. What makes this game special is that it’s a story-driven game. We don’t usually see story elements in physics games, making this game unique. it is a traditional story of two separated lovers; two-piece of clothes in this case.

Physics-based love story of two separated pieces of clothes

Two pieces of clothes were separated, and it’s your duty to find your other half. You play as George and the love of your life is Samantha. To find her, you will go through different hurdles. A notable feature of the game is its eye-pleasing graphics. You will be playing in a hand-drawn textile while discovering about your love life. Don’t think it will be a piece of cake though; the puzzles get tricky sometimes. To tackle the complex puzzles, you can take advantage of George’s special abilities. And most importantly, you will be required to add a few extra layers of fabric to increase your weight so that you don’t fly with the air.

Where's samantha

Moreover, the game won’t make you bored for a long time with its 45 levels. If a narrative game with physics sounds fun to you, then you can go over to the App Store of your choice and download the game. Do note that it is a premium game priced at $3.99. You can also check out more details on our previous post regarding Where’s Samantha? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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