PUBG: New State to get BR: Extreme mode, new weapon and Season 1

Recently, we wrote about PUBG: New State’s collaboration with Bugatti Rimac. Well, if you think that the hypercar is the only new thing for the game then you are wrong. The developers have a lot more to present in the latest updating which should be live this week. We are getting a new mode, a new weapon, gun customizations, and lastly Season 1. We can clearly see that the developers are following a roadmap similar to PUBG Mobile with their new game. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it’s the recipe for success. Below are all the new things in PUBG: New State Season 1 update.

Get ready for a spicy experience in the new BR: Extreme mode

First, let’s talk about the new mode called “BR: Extreme Mode.” As the name suggests, it is extreme. So what makes it extreme? Well, in this mode there are only 64 players, and around will last for around 20 minutes only. Not only that but there will be a selected region of Troi accessible to the players. Meaning you will have a smaller map that guarantees more action.

New weapon and customizations

PUBG: New State to get BR: Extreme mode, new weapon and Season 1

After all, it’s a shooting game. More the weapons, the better experience it provides. Hence, we have a new P90 gun. It’s an SMG, pretty useful at close combat. It uses 5.7mm bullets. There are new customization options for existing guns as well. Now, you can use a Flash Hider or a Compensator on the DP-28 and make it easier to control.

Season 1 is here

Seasons play a vital role in battle royale games. It is time for PUBG: New State to get its first Season of this year. Season 1 will reset all the tiers, and start ranks from the beginning. Well, that’s about it for the new update. The developers are trying their best for the new game. PUBG: New State Season 1 update will be out this week. Let us know what do you think of pUBG: New State in the comments below.

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