Matching Town is a match-3 puzzler with interesting storylines

Puzzle games are a great time pass. And the experience gets even better if we combine a good storyline. However, there aren’t many games that aces in both the elements. To tackle this, a new Puzzle game is coming to smartphones with the name Matching Town. What makes it unique is a great storyline that gets unveiled as you progress in the game. If you like match-3 puzzlers and story-based games then this one is definitely for you. Currently, the game has entered the pre-access stage for selected users only.

So what’s the story about? Well, you play as Mika. And your goal is to re-establish a street that was once the town’s busiest shopping area. Why does this street matter to you? Well, the person behind this town was Mona, the grandmother of Mika. And this is why the street has so much value for Mika. She spent her childhood in that street, and now it’s time to restore the street as it was before. Being a puzzle game, the story progresses when you solve each mystery. Plus, there is also a money element in the game. You will be collecting stars and coins to renovate your beloved town.

Matching Town

The game seems fun for now. It is a story-driven puzzle game and hence will keep you attached to the screen for a long time. Matching Town is currently available in early access in the United States. If you live in the US, you can take an early view of the game on Google Play. However, other people may have to wait some time as there is no info regarding the global release yet. Unfortunately, there is also no news for the iOS version yet. We will keep you in the loop for the latest news regarding Matching Town.

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