wipEout Rush reaches Android and iOS but it’s not what we’ve been expecting

The classic PlayStation 1 racing franchise is back, but not in the way you expected. wipEout Rush comes to cell phones for free as a free-to-play game. The game, however, is available in just some countries. Therefore, depending on your location, you may be out of this starting party.

The classic PlayStation anti-gravity vehicles are combined into a kind of racing game and card game (?). The game has more than 60 ships, 12 different competitions, and 5 worlds to race.

“Play a Quick Race or participate in single-player Championships to progress through tricky racing challenges. Deploy powerful weapons to gain the upper hand in each race, defeat Anti-Gravity Racing team bosses and earn amazing rewards.
Complete Daily Goals, earn Achievements, and build a WipEout Rush Card Collection, learning more about the ships, teams, and tracks of the WIPEOUT™ world.
wipEout Rush combines the fast, futuristic look and feel of the classic PlayStation wipEout with a comic book style and story designed to appeal to a new generation of mobile WIPEOUT™ gamers.”

In fact, in this game of a legendary racing franchise, you’re not actually running… Instead, you’re just a racing manager. It’s your duty to manage some features of your airship such as the launch settings and also the weapons set.

That’s a very disappointing way to bring a console franchise to the mobile segment. Thank you, Sony.


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