PUBG New State’s latest update will bring new modes, weapons & Survivor Pass

PUBG New State is a new battle royale that has a futuristic theme. Marketed as a sequel to the original PUBG Mobile, the new game has a lot in common with the original game. Yet, it was not much liked. For some, it was the bugs and glitches. While the rest had more expectations. Currently, New State has a rating of 3.6 stars on the Google Play Store. To tackle this, the developers need to update the game frequently and offer better content with more stability. The good news is that Krafton is very active with updates. Tomorrow, the game is scheduled to receive a major update. PUBG New State’s update will bring a lot of interesting stuff to the game. Let’s check it out below!

New modes, weapons, and Survivor Pass

The February update will bring new modes, weapon customization, features, as well as a  new Survivor Pass. Starting with the modes, now you will be able to play Round Deathmatch. It is a 4V4 match were first to win four rounds win. The new model features a map called Arena; matches will feature randomly chosen restricted areas. Not only this but the current Deathmatch mode also gets refreshed. It now features a revamped map plus a new user interface is there to make everything simple.

PUBG New State update

Coming to weapons, two new choices will be available. The MP5K, a 9mm SMG, and the Crossbow. MP5K is a close-combat gun with low recoil. While I don’t think any introduction is required for the famous Crossbow. Moving forward, the February update will also bring a new Survivor Pack. Volume 4 of Survivor Pack features Doug Bikerway, and like previous Survivor Packs, there are new story missions. You can also get the Premium Pass featuring Imperial Guard costume. Let us know your opinions on PUBG New State’s update in the comments below!

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