Krafton will partner with Solana labs to build blockchain-based games and services

Web3 is a trending topic in the tech world. Tech companies are planning to integrate the new technologies so they can be relevant in the future. Game developers have developed a keen interest in NFTs. It seems like a pretty solid idea that you can actually own an asset in-game. It is a win-win situation for consumers, as they are even buying in-app items now but not in the form of NFTs. But with this technology, they can own a unique in-game item. That being said, now PUBG creator Krafton has teamed up with Solana Labs to work with blockchain-based games and services.

Krafton will partner with Solana labs to build blockchain-based games and services

Krafton is popular for its battle royale game PUBG Mobile. It makes sense that Krafton starts working on blockchain research so they can integrate new technology in their games. Doing it alone will be complex since NFTs is still a comparatively new concept, so it’s better that they pair up with the best in the market. Decentralized blockchain-powered by Solana Labs enables scalable, user-friendly applications across the globe. Solana is known to be fast, and cost-efficient, making it a great decentralized blockchain. With this partnership, the aim is to develop and market blockchain games and various blockchain technologies.

Together with Solana Labs, Krafton can step-up their NFT development

If you’re aware of NFTs, then you must know the advantage of Solana, especially with NFTs. The GAS fees on Solana are much lower than Ethereum. It makes Solana a great alternative for minting NFTs. “As one of the best global high-performance blockchain with strength in high speed and low fees, Solana represents the best of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies. Through this cooperation, Krafton will acquire the insight needed to accelerate its investment in and output of blockchain-based experiences.” said Hyungchul Park, Lead of Web 3.0 Roundtable at Krafton, Inc.

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