Konami promises an all-new eFootball for April 14

Back last year, Konami presented eFootball as its new take on the former Pro Evolution Soccer series. The company left pretty-established formulas for a new free-to-play model that also has crossplay as one of its highlights. The company wanted to create a seamless multiplayer experience with players on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. Unfortunately, at the launch, the game was poorly optimized to say the very least. As a result, the company received a huge backlash from the user community and also from the media.

The company acknowledged the several issues with its eFootball and decide to work on a new update that will fix the issues. Now, the company is preparing its big update in the form of a 1.0.0 patch of eFootball 2022. The new update will arrive on April 14, and the company states that this time around, the game will make justice to the series. Konami has worked during this month to bring an “all-new game” with “unprecedented realism”.


According to the company, it has received “inspiring feedback” from the community and has applied optimizations in the game. The company also says it will keep improving the game in the forthcoming months.

For now, we can only wait and see if the game has really evolved from its poor state or whether it will be another disappointment.



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