Need for Speed 2022 to come exclusively for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X

The new Need for Speed may be an exclusive title for the new generation of consoles. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, a port for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles is not coming. Furthermore, he states that the release will happen by the end of 2022.

Grubb is one of the sources that trust the title’s arrival in the month of November. In a report on his Grubbsnax board, the journalist says that those responsible for the car franchise had plans to make it available on more platforms. However, this isn’t happening anymore. It’s an understandable move. After all, limiting it to the current generation reduces the number of platforms the games need to be optimized. Furthermore, by the end of 2022, the amount of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in the market may bring better results for publishers.

“Need for Speed will arrive later this year… It’s true. The game should debut in November. If you’re a fan of the franchise and you bought a next-gen console, here’s something new: it’s a next-gen exclusive. They are just changing to the new generation.”

Need for Speed

In 2021, the number of consoles was very scarce. This probably was the biggest reason behind Capcom’s decision of bringing Resident Evil Village to PS4 and Xbox One after having announced the game only for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

EA is strongly focusing on next-gen titles. The company has some of its studios working on Dead Space Remake and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2, both games will be tied to the new generation.


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