Kojima is reportedly working on a PS5 game

In December of last year, Hideo Kojima revealed to Famitsu that he’s producing a “big AAA” and another “new and challenging” game — but no news has been shared since. However, a post on Twitter, made this Sunday (24), suggests that the dev may be involved with some PS5 game. To those unaware, Hideo Kojima is the brilliant mind behind the Metal Gear series and also behind Death Stranding.

An image was shared in this post, showing an office surrounded by screens, desks, and even the developer’s director’s chair. In one corner, you can see a dev kit for Sony’s new generation console — the same prototype used by studios to produce games on the platform.

Back in November 2021, Kojima suggested that he may be working on Death Stranding 2. On that occasion, he shared an image that shows the possible participation of Norman Reedus, actor of Sam Bridges, the protagonist of the first game. The artist himself said that a sequel to the game was in negotiation.


Despite many rumors about an exclusivity deal with PlayStation, Kojima will still act as an independent developer. However, he will keep aiding Sony with his new findings. Interestingly, the Kojima Productions has greatly helped PlayStation’s Guerrilla Games to optimize and enhance its Decima Engine.


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