Valorant Mobile: 13 minutes gameplay footage leaked

When we first heard that Valorant is finally coming for mobile devices, we were skeptical. We thought that it would be a drastically watered-down version of the game. However, to our surprise, the game seems like a full-fledged PC version in the newly leaked 13 minutes of gameplay footage. The mobile port features the same maps and the familiar agents from the original PC game. Moreover, the agents get all their abilities too.

13 Minutes of Valorant Mobile gameplay leaked

In the newly leaked gameplay footage, we are seeing from the perspective of Phoenix, a duelist agent. The map here is Bind, and it seems unchanged from its original version. The mobile port also gets all the weapons from the original version. Of course, the experience of a first-person shooter game on a PC version will always be superior. However, for a mobile game, it seems great.

Valorant Mobile

The touch controls can be a bit noisy since there are multiple abilities, and movements. But one can get used to it in a matter of a few games. One thing that is drastically changed is the game’s user interface for the start menu, loading screen, settings, etc. It is a fresh new user interface specially designed for mobile.

Riot Games has previously proved that they can also develop great games for mobile with the launch of Wild Rift. And now with Valorant Mobile, it seems like a great addition to first-person shooters in the mobile market. However, the competition here is going to be tough since more games are coming in the same genre. Games like Rainbow Six Mobile are also expected to launch soon. That being said, we are expecting Valorant Mobile to come out soon globally. Let us know your thoughts on this first-person shooter game in the comments below.

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