Free Fire’s upcoming feature can make players invisible to cheaters

Keeping a game safe from hackers is one of the most important things for a multiplayer online title. Even with great gameplay, the game will not survive if it is not secure from hackers. Hence, developers take extra measures to keep their games safe and playable for all. Free Fire, a popular battle royale game is no different. Garena takes full responsibility to keep their game as safe as possible. Now, they are aimed to take things to the next level by adding another security measure. This new feature will make players invisible to the hacker, while the players can easily kill the hacker.

With the new Free Fire feature, you will be able to take revenge on the cheaters

Free Fire feature

Call Of Duty Mobile implemented a similar anti-cheat system a while ago. This method of making players invisible to the cheaters is known as Cloaking. With this feature, the hacker can see the players but also are deafened, and cannot see bullets too. Hence, the hacker will be killed in a surprising way. However, do note that there isn’t an official announcement of this feature yet. We may have to wait a while before this security measure is implemented.

Garena has a huge player base, and they also hold an important place in mobile e-sports. And hence, they have not compromised a tiny bit on security. Their built-in engine keeps an eye on each player’s activity. Moreover, the developer is also quite active on social media sharing weekly reports of banned Free Fire accounts. With an additional Cloaking feature, Free Fire will further enhance the game. But it is worth noting that it is a never-ending job. The developer will always stay a step ahead of the hackers. Make sure to stick around for the latest Free Fire & other gaming news.

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