Apex Legends Mobile is launching next week

It was back in 2019 when we first heard about Apex Legends Mobile. The original game for PC and console was a hit from the start, and since EA knows the importance of the mobile gaming industry, they wanted to port their battle royale to the small screens. The developers took their time; after almost one year of beta testing, the release date for the game has officially been announced. Apex Legends Mobile will be launching on May 17th for Android and iOS operating systems.

Apex Legends Mobile is launching next week

The mobile gaming industry is important for developers to consider. Just take PUBG as an example; surprisingly, its mobile port is more popular than the original game. It is also worth noting that more than $1 billion was generated by Call of Duty Mobile in 2021. This shows the importance of the mobile gaming industry. With Apex Legends Mobile, EA and Respawn Entertainment will be focusing on providing a familiar battle royale experience.

Get ready for Apex Legends Mobile!

The mobile port features the same DNA as the original game. There is the same 3 player squad featuring familiar Heroes and maps. Of course, there are some mobile-specific features too. Also, the game will start from Season 1 whereas the PC/console version is currently at Season 13.

One of the hurdles that Apex Legends Mobile could have faced was a lack of optimization. But I am pretty sure they have made their game as stable as possible thanks to a long time of beta testing. Moreover, the popularity of the PC version of the game will also bring an audience to the mobile port. That being said, the game is finally arriving on May 17th. You can pre-register yourself before the launch to get rewards. Make sure to stick around for more mobile gaming news.

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