New State Mobile: Famous no recoil gun coming in the next update

New State Mobile is a refreshed version of PUBG Mobile. It takes the DNA from its elder brother; featuring the same core gameplay elements but with a fresh new experience. Mostly the experience differs as New State is based on the future and hence features fast-moving electric vehicles and modern weapons. At the core, it’s a shooting game making weapons the most important aspect of the game. Therefore, the developer focuses on providing new weapons to keep the game fresh and make players engaged.

“No recoil gun” makes its way to New State

With the new May update, a DMR weapon is making its way to New State Mobile. It’s no other than MK12, which is quite famous among PUBG Mobile players. This Designated Marksman Rifle is popular because of its low recoil but high damage. The recoil here is so low, that it is known as the “No recoil gun” in PUBG Mobile.

New State Mobile: Famous no recoil gun coming with the next update

The gun uses 5.56mm bullets with a slot of 20 bullets for starters and can be upgraded to 40 bullets with an extended mag attachment. The gun can be further optimized by attachments such as Magazine, Grip, Muzzle, and Scope. It can give damage from 44-48; killing the enemy in just 2 headshots or 5 body shots. This gun is ideal for medium to long-range combat. Moreover, it’s a treat for newcomers since the recoil here is much lower compared to other weapons. For close combat, it can be used but needs practice since it is just a single-fire gun.

New State Mobile has improved a lot since it was first launched. The developer’s focus is on providing as much new content as possible. However, it still has not reached the level of PUBG Mobile. Do let us know your thoughts on this futuristic battle royale game in the comments below.

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