New PlayStation Plus subscriptions all set to launch on June 13th

Sony is all set to release the new PlayStation Plus tiers in the US on June 13th. Previously, there was only one tier called PlayStation Plus that offered online multiplayer gaming and access to monthly games. But Sony thought to spice it up just like Xbox Game Pass. Now, there are three tiers each with its own price and features.

1. Playstation Plus Essential

This tier allows players to play online multiplayer games. If you’re unaware, there are games like GTA Online that requires Playstation Plus. With this Essential package, you will be getting to enjoy online games. On the flip side, there are no monthly games with this subscription. The price of this tier is $9.99 per month.

2. Playstation Plus Extra

New PlayStation Plus subscriptions all set to launch on June 13th

As the name suggests, it offers a bit more than the Essential subscription. It offers online gaming together with monthly PS4 and PS5 titles. There will be different games for each month. This tier costs $14.99 per month.

3. Playstation Plus Deluxe

If you are a hardcore gamer, then this package will surely attract you. This one comes with all the features from the above 2 tiers including an additional 340 games and the ability to stream PS3 titles from anywhere. For the Deluxe package, you will get access to old titles too. According to Sony, “(it) will show improved frame rates and higher-quality resolution compared to their original launch versions.”

The three new tiers look awesome. However, I believe the Essential package is overpriced. It should have been at least half the price of Extra. Previously at a similar price, we used to get monthly games too. Anyway, let us know your opinions on the new tiers. All of these new subscriptions will be released on June 13 in the United States. Please stay tuned for more game news on our website.

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