Apex Legends Mobile is here but not playable on rooted smartphones

After a long wait, Apex Legends Mobile has finally arrived for Android and iOS operating systems. The game started its beta testing last year. There were a lot of beta tests held in multiple regions. The developers wanted the best stable experience for their AAA battle royale title. And here we are, the much-awaited game is finally here for everyone to enjoy. You can download the game from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. On Android, the download size is 2.7GB and occupies 3GB of storage once it’s installed.

Apex Legends Mobile rooted error

Apex Legends Mobile does not support smartphones with custom ROM and root access

Apex Legends Mobile rooted error

I was much excited to play Apex Legends Mobile since there was no beta testing in my region, so it would have been my first experience. However, all my hopes shattered once the game showed an error, “Sorry we have detected that you may use a rooted device and cannot play the game!” My device is POCO X3 NFC, and I have flashed Android 12 AOSP ROM. Moreover, the device is not rooted. Seems like EA and Respawn Entertainment are strict on security and will not allow devices with custom ROMs or root access.

I was disappointed when I saw this error. However, I know the developers are just trying to keep safe as secure as possible. Apex Legends Mobile can be the next mainstream mobile e-sports title and for that, they can’t compromise on security. Although I have faced this error previously on some banking apps, this is the first time I have faced an issue with custom ROM on a game. I will definitely make some arrangements so that I can play this much-awaited title. That being said, users with stock ROM can enjoy the game for free.

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