Apex Legends Mobile faces criticism over expensive cosmetics

After a long time of wait, Apex Legends  Mobile was finally released last week. The battle royale game from EA and Respawn Entertainment was downloaded by millions of players in just a week. We can already say the game is a success. Being a new game, there are bugs and glitches. We expect them to be resolved in the coming updates. However, Apex Legends Mobile is getting backlashed for its overpriced microtransactions.

Apex Legends Mobile players are not happy with overpriced microtransactions

Apex Legends Mobile faces criticism over expensive cosmetics

Apex Legends Mobile utilizes a similar strategy to other games; launch the game for free and charge for cosmetics. Even though, the cosmetics don’t improve the gameplay but still are sold for show-off or for personal liking. However, the new battle royale game is overcharging for their cosmetics.

A Reddit user  u/Special_Rice_1563 shared their opinion on high prices, “The current cosmetic crate that’s in the shop is about $14.00 USD for 10 spins and you’re not buying a cosmetic but a chance for a cosmetic. It’s overpriced and a borderline scam and if you participate in it, it will only promote it and make the issue worse.

For 10 spins, Apex Legends Mobile is costing $14 USD and there is not even a guarantee that you will get it. It is clearly on the expensive side and has made the players angry. Call Of Duty Mobile faced a similar issue where players complained about high prices. The newly released Snoop Dogg skin carries a hefty price tag.

I understand that the game is free to play, and the developers also need to make money. However, they should at least make it affordable for their community. Let us know your opinions on the microtransactions of Apex Legends Mobile in the comments below. Make sure to stick around for more gaming updates.

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24. 5. 2022 18:27

They would surely earn way more overall if they lowered the prices giving more people the opportunity to spend. Greed before common sense.

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