New PS Plus: PS1 games run well, but could be better on PS5

With the debut of the new PS Plus in Asia, players can finally enjoy the classics from the catalog. Although they are running well on the PS5 and PS4, not everything is rosy with the ports. Some versions of the games are of lower quality than expected, depending on the build offered.

To work according to the TVs of the time, the games had two settings: NTSC and PAL. NTSC provides a 60 Hz run cycle, totaling more lines of resolution on the screen. PAL technology compresses the resource at 50 Hz, leaving the display with a lower quality compared to NTSC.

This configuration may change from country to country, but each game has its own version compatible with each of the cycles. As the US and European standards have been taken into account, the following happens:

  • The NTSC (USA) signal is sent at 60 “fields” per second. The result for a television/screen of this model is full 30 FPS images on display;
  • In the PAL system, used in Asia and Europe, there are 50 fields per second. That means the frame rate will be 25 FPS;

Tekken 2, one of the classics of the new PS Plus in NTSC 60Hz format, has the following performance running on PS5:

On the other hand, Ape Escape is part of a PAL 50Hz build and its performance is not the best. Look:

The reason why Sony opted for different formats is not yet public knowledge. You will need to wait for more details about these settings to better understand the decision.


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