These Playstation IPs will get TV shows or movies

Uncharted is a popular game franchise from Sony. Recently, Sony released an Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland. And unsurprisingly, it was a success. The movie is about to make $400 million at the box office. With this success, Sony has understood how to make more profit with their existing gaming franchises. Now, Sony has announced to make 11 movies and TV shows based on Playstation IPs.

Get ready to “watch” your favorite game

These Playstation IPs will get TV shows or movies

The transmedia content will not only allow Sony to make more money but also keep their game franchises fresh. The Playstation games are already popular, and with their existing fan base, there is a huge success rate. Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra, himself, announced the 11 movies and TV shows. He said:

Right now there are currently 10 additional film and projects with PlayStation [not including Uncharted] in various stages of production and development, including The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, Ghost of Tsushima,”

TV Shows on God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Gran Turismo are already in development. Below is a complete list of the IPs that are getting adaptations:

  • The Last Of Us – HBO Max TV show
  • Ghost of Tsushima – Film
  • Twisted Metal – Peacock TV Show
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Netflix series
  • God of War – Amazon series
  • Gran Turismo – N/A

The CEO announced that there will be 11 movies and TV Shows, however, only 6 are known for now. The other 5 may get revealed sometime in the future. We also have the OTT platforms at which the TV shows will be aired. It’s a good choice that Sony has kept a balance between OTT platforms. In the current list, I am eagerly waiting for The Last Of Us TV show. Which adaption are you waiting for the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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