iPad gaming is about to get much better

Thanks to the bigger display and capable processors, Apple iPad has never disappointed in providing a great gaming experience. Previously, Apple unveiled its new iPad powered by the M1 processor. This chipset was initially used on the MacBook series, hence there is not a tiny bit of doubt about how capable this processor is. That being said, some new iPad features regarding gaming have been unveiled by Apple in the latest WWDC.

WWDC or Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is an annual event hosted mainly for developers. We also get to see some hardware at this event. But mainly it’s about software. Apple announced the new iPadOS 16 at this year’s WWDC. The new operating system has focused on gaming to fully take advantage of the powerful M1 chipset.

Metal 3 is coming to iPad

Gaming on an iPad has always been fun.

Metal 3 has been announced for iPad. It is a low-level and low-overhead API for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. Metal 3 is useful as it uses FX upscaling to make the game much more visually pleasing. Secondly, a new API also helps in minimizing the wait time by fluent data communication from the storage to the GPU.

Game Center

Finally, we have Game Center. As the name suggests, is an all-in-one gaming assist for iPad gamers. This allows you to find friends, track progress, view high scores of your friends, see their online status, and much more. More importantly, you can join your friends and play together with SharePlay.

The tech giant also announced AAA games like Resident Evil Village on Mac. Apple has surely leveled up in terms of gaming. It seems like a pretty great time for iPad gamers. That being said, let us know your opinions on the new iPadOS 16 gaming features in the comments below.

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