Crossout Mobile 1.7.0 update is live featuring Free Market & more

Crossout Mobile is a popular action game from Gaijin Distribution. The game got popular because of its post-apocalyptic theme mixed with real-time action. Now, the developers have released a major 1.7.0 update of the game. It brings out fresh content to keep the players engaged. One of the eye-catching new features is a Free Market. This is a unique concept and pretty interesting. Let’s check out everything about the game’s new update.

New Free Market and Battle Pass

Crossout Mobile 1.7.0 update is live featuring Free Market & more

These days, free games are trending. Not only free games are able to gather a lot of people but it also turns out to be profitable for the developers. People buy in-game cosmetics to stand out in the battle zone. With the Crossout Mobile 1.7.0 update, a new method of purchasing in-game items has been introduced. It is a “Free Market”, a place where supply and demand decide the price of an item. If an item has a lot of demand, then it will be priced relatively higher compared to an undemanding product. Not only this is a cool concept, but it is also quite smart. This can make more hype about a product and eventually sell more of it.

Apart from the Free Market, a new Battle Pass has also started in Crossout Mobile. It brings out 70 rewards with a good variety. There are guns and armored vehicle pieces, but the coolest one has to be the legendary Pulse Rifle Adapter. It can completely destroy a maxed-out armor. The rewards also include different types of cosmetic items that players will be thrilled to use. That being said, Crossout Mobile is now available to download for free on Google Play Store. Let us know your opinions on this game in the comments below.

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