Among Us: Sheriff role is canceled

Among Us was released back in 2018, and during its early days, it failed to gather a following. Later during the pandemic, it suddenly got trending and became a successful title. The concept behind Among Us is simple yet it is exciting. It requires catching an imposter in the team, which is really fun. Moreover, the game features multiple roles and maps too. During the Summer Game Fest 2021, the developer tipped at a new Sheriff role, however, now it is confirmed that it will not be released.

Developer updates on the Sheriff role

Among Us Sheriff Role

There are a variety of roles in Among Us. The roles include Imposter, Shapeshifter, Engineer, Scientist, Crewmate, and more. Since it is an important part of the game, each new role gets players excited. One of the most anticipated roles Sheriff has been officially canceled as per a Reddit AMA session for the game’s fourth anniversary. A Reddit user asked for an update on the Sheriff role, and to that the developer replied:

I.. do want to clarify something with Sheriff here. We probably won’t have something called SHERIFF exactly. When making the trailer I wanted to hint at roles without giving anything away, but there was some miscommunication and the names in the trailer didn’t leave much to the imagination. There are plans, and I’m excited to see what people think whenever it comes out.”

This hints that Sheriff might be released, however, with a different name. Being a multiplayer online game, it is vital to have new content. The developer must keep the game fresh so they can stay relevant. Recently, Among Us has also paired up with Fortnite. That being said, what is your favorite role on Among Us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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