COD Warzone Mobile to feature self-revive option

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile was announced previously. As expected, the hype for this game is real. The original version is considered one of the best battle royale games. And hence, we have a lot of expectations for the mobile port. One of the challenging factors when porting a game is how a developer keeps the originality. For example, with PUBG Mobile, the developer did not compromise on any part of the game. It is a full-fledged version. That being said, COD Warzone Mobile is also going to have the same DNA from the original game as it is getting one of its famous features.

Self-revive feature is a great addition to the battle royale game

COD Warzone Mobile to feature self-revive option

Traditionally, when you get knocked off in a battle royale, a teammate is required to revive you. Else, you will lose your health and ultimately die. However, COD Warzone takes a new idea with its revival system. It is known as “self-revival, and as the name suggests, it lets you revive on your own. Self-revival requires a special kit that can be bought from the Buy Station. Once, the player is knocked out, they can use the kit to revive themselves.

Before using the self-revival kit, the player must find a cover. Since the kit requires some time to be used, if the player is not i cover, they can be killed. Apart from this con, it is a great addition to the game. COD Warzone also features some other redeployment solutions including Gulag Win. That being said, time will be the ultimate judge of how well the developer is able to execute these features on smaller screens. Make sure to stick around for more mobile and console gaming updates.

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