Apex Legends Mobile gets a new server for India

Apex Legends Mobile was recently released, and as expected, it was instantly a success. However, with online games, the developer needs to consistently improve their game, and provide new updates with better features. With Apex Legends Mobile, players complained of high ping in some regions and a huge amount of bots even in ranked games. With the new update, Apex Legends Mobile has addressed these issues. Let’s check out the new changes done to the battle royale game.

The new server will help Indian players get better ping

Apex Legends Mobile

Previously, there was no server for India resulting in high ping for players. Online multiplayer games require a nearby server so that players can get uninterrupted gameplay. Indian players were getting 150ms ping which is quite a lot for a battle royale game. With the new update, the developer launches a new India server. It can result in as low as 10ms ping for players. As you may know,  previously Free Fire was banned from India. This gives Apex Legends Mobile an opportunity to take over. The new server will surely motivate more players to play the game.

Secondly, bots were reduced from the battle royale game. There were a quite huge amount of bots compared to real players even in ranked matches. This made competitive players upset, since playing with bots is not fun. Hence, with the new update, the developer has reduced the number of bots that appear in the game.

For now, Apex Legends Mobile is doing a great job. There are frequent updates, new content, and more. If the developer keeps their pace, then it can give some serious competition to the likes of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. That being said, let us know your opinions on the new battle royale game in the comment below.

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