Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection announced

Capcom announced Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection this Tuesday (28), during the Nintendo Direct. The collection of ten tactical roleplaying games from the Game Boy Advance era will be released in 2023 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The series began in 2001 with Mega Man Battle Network, a title set in an alternate universe of the character, where computer programs and networks drive technological progress.

The titles in this line were heavily inspired by the Pokémon series and used mechanics that involved collectible cards. Starting with the Battle Network 3, Capcom started releasing the games in pairs — as well as Pokémon Red/Blue and Silver/Gold, for example.

Mega Man Battle Network

For Battle Network Legacy Collection, the Japanese publisher has prepared improvements such as graphical filters and additional bonus content — but without going into too much detail at the moment.

What games are included in the Battle Network Legacy Collection?

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will have a physical edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch,  but it will also be sold digitally in two volumes. The new collection will bring all the games released from the first title to the sixth title. Of course, the collection includes both versions of the titles that were released in two variants.


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