Apex Legends Mobile Demolition Crew Event brings new cosmetics

Thanks to the huge popularity of Apex Legends on console and PC, the mobile port was instantly a success. It was released recently and is already a successful title. Even though the game is quite late in the battle royale market, its unique gameplay helped it make its space. Apex Legends Mobile features unique characters known as Legends on top of a battle royale experience. Since the game is widely played from a third-person perspective, the developer avails the opportunity to sell various skins of Legends. That being said, a new Demolition Crew Event has been released bringing fresh new cosmetics.

Apex Legends Mobile Demolition Crew Event brings new cosmetics

To get the new Demolition skins, players will need to spend the in-game currency popularity known as Syndicate Gold. Players will need to test their luck on the lucky spin. Starting from 45 Syndicate Gold for the first spin, players can spend all the way up to 2300 Syndicate Gold for the final spin. Not only there are Legend skins but also weapon skins and emotes. That being said, the event is here for the next eleven days. Hence, make sure to check it out, especially if you are a Gibraltar and Lifeline main.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season Is Ending Soon

Initially, the first ranked season was decided to end on July 8th. However, now the developer has updated the date to July 7th. The ranked season will end one day earlier. Meaning there are less than 24 hours until the ranked games are locked. It will return with the next season scheduled for next week. Hence, the time is now limited for the battle pass players. There is not a long time before players can finish their Cold Snap battle pass. That being said, make sure to stick around to be updated with the latest gaming updates.

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