Brilliance: Catch the light is a new puzzle game for iOS

Brilliance: Catch the light is the new creation of indie developer Sprightly Wolf (Lajos Farkas). The puzzle game is exclusive to the iOS operating system. What makes this game unique is the cool element of matching a variety of hues to manipulate light. In short, you will be playing with the reflective properties of the light. Not only does it sound cool but also brings your logical thinking to the test. You will be finding creative solutions in order to finish up the puzzles.

Are you ready to catch the light?

In this puzzle game, your aim is to free the encaged birds. You will be doing that by reflecting light to hit a target cage. The game starts with easy puzzles however the difficulty increases as you progress. Brilliance: Catch the light requires you to think out of the box to hit the target. There are dozens of ways you can achieve your target. Lajos Farkas, developer of Brilliance. shares his thoughts on their new creation:

I focused on the desire that lives in every child and in most adults as well: to create something, to be creative, What makes Brilliance stand out from the numerous logical games is that you can achieve higher levels by using the specifics of lights and colours in a creative way.”

Brilliance: Catch the light is a new puzzle game for iOS

As the developer says, the game aims for the player to be creative. With its countless solutions to a puzzle, it depends on the player how he thinks. If you liked the idea behind the game, you can check out more details on the game’s official site. Brilliance: Catch the Light is now available on the Apple App Store with a price tag of $2.99. Let us know your opinions on this new puzzle game in the comments below.

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