Fall Guys to get a new stage based on Sonic

The worlds of Sonic and Fall Guys can collide once again. The Mediatonic “battle-royale” game, according to a video shared by FGPancake, would have a scenario called Bean Hill Zone, inspired by the blue hedgehog games. However, there is no information on how the round will be completed by the jelly beans in gameplay.

The published content gained some repercussion, and the possible round has looping, checkered details where there is no grass and even the classic gold rings give shape to the portals. Whether the dispute will be for collectibles, survival or race is still unclear.

This won’t be the first collaboration between Sonic and Fall Guys that results in new content for Fall Guys. In October 2020, the hedgehog-inspired skin arrived in the game. It is worth remembering: Mediatonic has not officially confirmed the arrival of this scenario so far. Wait for the company to comment on the matter before creating expectations, and of course, treat it as a rumor — the same way when only one image of “Green Hill Zone” leaked.

For now, there are no details on the release of the new stage. But that should not take much longer, given to the extension of this leak.


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