New State Labs allow players to test upcoming content beforehand

New State Mobile is the sequel of PUBG Mobile, a game that needs no introduction. PUBG Mobile is completely dominating the battle royale segment. When it first came out, people were shocked at how well the game was ported to mobile. And even years after its release, the game still is alive and kicking. Hence, the developers decided to try out a new game and ended up launching the sequel of PUBG Mobile. It is popularly known as New State Mobile. That being said, the battle royale game is getting a new feature called New State Labs.

New State Labs will allow players to give feedback to the developers

As the name suggests New State Mobile is based in the future. The new battle royale title has also managed to grab an audience, and hence developers are taking the same steps it took with PUBG-M in order to make it successful. They are hosting multiple collaborations just like they do with the original PUBG Mobile. Moreover, the developer is bringing New State Labs to the game. In simple words, New State Labs are beta test servers that will allow players to test upcoming features of the game.

New State Labs allow players to test upcoming content beforehandThe concept behind New State Labs is simple. There are test servers having new upcoming content where players will be trying these features and tell the developer about their experience. With this feature, the developer can get a better idea for their upcoming content, and even fix any bugs or glitches faced by the players. It is worth noting that the currency and equipment in the test server will not be shown in the main server. Also, players will only be able to enter New State Labs via invitation basis. More news regarding the beta servers will be made official soon.

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