Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover starts later this month

Fortnite is popular for collaborating with famous franchises. We have seen crossovers with animes, celebrities, and even other games. After its famous collaboration with Naruto, fans have been eagerly waiting for a Dragon Ball crossover. There have been rumors that it will be happening soon, and guess what, the rumors were right. The moments’ fans have been waiting for are finally here. Epic Games have confirmed that Fortnite will be collaborating with Dragon Ball soon. Below is everything we know about the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover.

The collaboration news was made official on Fortnite’s official Twitter account. The tweet revealed the date of the collaboration which is set for August 16. Moreover, the tweet also featured a picture of Shenron. For those unaware, Shenron is an important part of the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Shenron can t grants the wish of anyone that collects all seven of the Dragon Balls.

It will be interesting to see how Fortnite integrates Shenron into the game. They can add a custom game mode where the players who collect seven Dragon Balls will be able to revive a fellow player, or even get high-level loot.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover starts later this month

Why this is the perfect time for Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover?

Though the chances of a dedicated game mode are less, we are going to get in-game cosmetics. It is still a mystery which Dragon Ball characters will make their way to the battle zone. I have my bet on Goku, but it makes sense if Gohan and Piccolo also make an appearance since they are getting the lead roles in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Since the movie is set to release on August 19 in the US; it makes perfect sense for this collaboration to take place now. That being said, let us know your speculations on Dragon Ball characters that will be featured in the upcoming crossover.

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