Dysmantle: After some problems, the game is back to Play Store

Dysmantle, a survival game for Android and iOS was released in late June. However, due to performance issues, the game was removed from Google Play for some adjustments.  To those unaware, the game is offline and paid.

In this open-world game with an isometric view, the player will try to survive a zombie apocalypse. You must be thinking: “I’ve seen 200 games like this”. But what sets Dysmantle apart is that it takes the best of free online survival games and puts it in an offline game.


The game also offers a lot of freedom and the possibility to build all kinds of things. It is even possible to dismantle everything in the game to create new materials and objects, hence the name: “dismantle”.In addition to being a survival game, the game still has a nice background story, which gives it scope for it to have RPG elements as well.

The game had a good reception but was forced to retreat from Google Play Store. Now that it’s back, fans of the genre will have another chance to enjoy an offline game without any kind of annoying interruptions. There aren’t pay-to-win elements, and you will really have a sense of achievement after completing the game.


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