Phil Spencer: Exclusive games will no longer exist

There are those who defend the existence of exclusive games, but Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox division, believes that there will be fewer and fewer of them. In an interview with Bloomberg, the executive commented on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and took the opportunity to share his opinion on exclusive games.

“We will see less and less of them. Maybe your house has an Xbox and mine has a PlayStation, but our kids want to play together and they can’t because of a piece of plastic. We love the idea of letting people play games with their friends, regardless of their device. To me, this is a positive thing for the industry in the long run.”

Spencer ended his statement by acknowledging that many people and companies don’t like the idea of exclusives ending, but he’s betting his chips that the growth of the video game industry will prove it.

Xbox Gamepass

Exclusive games and the console wars

Phil Spencer had previously expressed a similar opinion. He has spoken out about the end of the “console war” and possibly he sees exclusive games as a motivator for friction between players.

“I think the creations kind of turned into weapons used in cross-platform battles and stuff. Let’s just celebrate the fact that so many great games are coming out of so many creators and realize that’s a foundation for where the industry is going.”


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