Valorant Mobile is currently in private beta stage

After the Chinese Beta test of Valorant Mobile, we didn’t see any new development until now. The game has reportedly entered the beta stage and is available for limited players only. This beta stage is being kept private allowing only invited players to experience the game. Moreover, the players are bound by an NDA so they can not share any information. But the good news is that the development of the game is at pace.

It’s worth noting that there is now a Google Playstore page for Valorant Mobile. But it’s not accessible to everyone. Only invited players can access it and test the game. Thanks to Leakers On Duty, we have the first look at the Valorant Mobile’s Playsore page first look. It doesn’t reveal much about the game. The description says that this build is a work-in-progress prototype. And also says that those invited to play are bound by an NDA so they can not share any information.

Valorant Mobile: What to expect?

Valorant Mobile is currently in private beta stage

Thanks to some leaked footage of the Chinese Beta test, we know how the game will look like. You will be surprised to know that it is not a watered-down version for mobile but a full fledge Valorant experience. Obviously, the controls will be a mess due to multiple buttons for abilities, etc. However, I am pretty confident that Riot Games will try to make it as seamless as possible for the players. We have already seen great optimisation for Wild Rift, hence high expectations for Valorant’s port too!

That said, there is still sometime before we see Valorant Mobile in action. If you like first person shooter games, then must stick around so that you can be updated whenever there is news regarding Valorant Mobile.

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