PUBG New State’s September 2022 update brings a ton of new features

PUBG New State is frequently updating the game with new features to keep the players engaged. The new September 2022 update has brought some new things and improved existing ones. The new version is  0.9.39 which will hit the market after the downtime scheduled for September 22nd between 00:00 and 07:00 UTC. This update has a lot of new offerings such as Akinta Map, AK Alfa, Survivor Pass Vol. 11, and a collaboration with McLaren. PUBG Mobile, the predecessor of New State also received an update recently that brought a new map to the game. Seems like the developer is keeping up the pace with both the games.

Akinta Map is here featuring faster travel

A new map means a fresh experience for the players. What makes Akinta Map stand out is the faster travel. Thanks to quicker trams operating on six lines going from the center to the outskirts of the map. And of course, who can forget about electric vehicles? The new map also brings out an exclusive electric vehicle called the Vcab.

New weapon

There is a new weapon called AK Alfa. This assault rifle has the highest damage per shot compared to the other rifles in the game. With its 7.6mm bullets, the weapon can also be improved with a muzzle, scope, grip, and magazine. There are some improvements for existing guns as well. Long Barrel can now be used for the Kar98, while there is a reduction in long-range damage for customized SMGs. And lastly,  a better muzzle velocity for the S1897.

McLaren collaboration

PUBG New State's September 2022 update brings a ton of new features

PUBG New State is never done with collaborations. And of course, they shouldn’t. The new collaboration brings 7205 Spider to the game. Moreover, you can earn great rewards by clearing McLaren missions.

New Survivor Pass

Lastly, the new update features volume 11 of the Survivor Pass. This time we are getting Vanessa from the Mayhem Faction. To unlock her outfit, you will need to complete all the story missions.

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