Rainbow Six Mobile: New servers are being added for Mumbai

There is tough competition in the mobile gaming market. Many FPS games are being ported to smaller screens. To survive in this saturated market, the developer must provide a polished experience. For an online game, one of the most vital factors is the availability of servers. If there aren’t enough servers in a region, it will not be a seamless experience for players resulting in bad connectivity. Hence, Rainbow Six Mobile has announced the addition of new servers in Mumbai so that people of India can enjoy games with better ping.

New servers will provide better connectivity

Connectivity is really important in front-person shooter games, especially for titles like Rainbow Six Mobile. The developer must have already planned this title to have a notable place in mobile e-sports. Hence, they are doing their best and focusing on better connectivity for all regions. India being a huge market for mobile developers has made Rainbow Six Mobile launch new servers in Mumbai.

Rainbow Six Mobile Mumbai

The game is currently in the beta stage which is a crucial part of a game. Players are testing the game so that the final version is polished with no major bugs or glitches. The closed beta is eligible for people residing in Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, the Philippines, and India. The development of Rainbow Six Mobile is at speed, the developer recently announced the beta for more regions including Japan and Korea. If you are interested in playing the beta version, then you must pre-register for the game on Google Playstore.

The developer is sending random invites to players for beta testing. However, the closed beta is not for everyone. You are likely to face many issues. Notably, the closed beta doesn’t have the option of a gyroscope either. That being said, the game is not so far from global launch.

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