Path to Nowhere is a tower defense gacha RPG with a gothic theme

There are many tower defense games in the mobile gaming market. However, Path to Nowhere instantly got my attention. It has a unique theme for a tower defense genre. It features anime-style art style with a gothic theme. At the core, is a gacha RPG title where you will be required to defend specific portions of the map. What could be better than blending the strategic element of tower defense with RPG? Well, if this sounds fun to you, keep on reading as there is everything you need to know about the game below.

Path to Nowhere is a tower defense gacha RPG with a gothic theme

The game sees you as the Chief responsible for controlling the outlaws. In terms of gameplay, Path to Nowhere is similar to Arknights. There is a tile-based map featuring different portions you’ll need to defend. With a squad of characters from the vast roster, you will be making your own collection. You should be confident about the collection, as they are the ones who will be battling on the battlefield. They should be strong enough to defend against multiple waves of enemies.

Path to Nowhere is a tower defense gacha RPG with a gothic theme

You will be required to upgrade all of your units so they can compete against tough opponents. The game gets even spicier as you progress. The result of the game highly depends on your tactics too, so make sure to strategize your moves.

Exciting gameplay with multiple languages support

Apart from this, the art style of the game is a huge highlight. It is something unique in the tower defense genre. Furthermore, the game is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Those interested can pre-register for the game on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. That being said, stick around for more mobile gaming updates.

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