Sword and Fairy Inn 2, RPG spin-off, arrives in 2023

Developer eastasiasoft has announced that the Sword and Fairy Inn 2 life simulator will be released in early 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Derived from the Chinese Sword and Fairy RPG series, the game contains realistic management functions — all with a chibi-style aesthetic.

Developed to guarantee total freedom to players, the title explores administration systems, where it is necessary to assign roles to characters and keep the business running. The game has an inn and a restaurant as backgrounds and seeks to focus its gameplay on the progression of both activities.

Sword and Fairy 2

In Sword and Fairy Inn 2, it is necessary to travel the world and collect resources, equipment, and utensils. Moreover, you’ll need to build infrastructure and ensure customer satisfaction. Each character in the establishment can have their attributes improved. You can balance them with perks, assignments, and goals is just one of the paths to success.

Learn more about Sword and Fairy Inn 2:

Read below the description (via Steam):

“Swords and Fairy Inn 2 is a game developed by Softstar Entertainment that includes RPG, casual, and simulation types. Many heroes of the Sword and Fairy series come from different places to work at this inn. They will live and build a warm and peaceful family.”

We are curious to see if this game will have some success across the global market. Curiously, the Swords and Fairy 7 title generated repercussions in the past months. Of course, this game belongs to a particular niche.


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